Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rendering LaTeX in Blogger.

Rendering LaTeX in Blogger is pretty easy thanks to the JavaScript LaTeX equation render engine from
To enable LaTeX rendering go to the Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Edit HTML . Then add the line
<script> type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
just before <body/>
. Half the job is now done.
Then, for example to render:
\int_{0}^{\pi}\frac{x^{4}\left(1-x\right)^{4}}{1+x^{2}}dx =\frac{22}{7}-\pi
Use the code:
<pre lang="eq.latex">

The LaTeX code will now be displayed as:

Ofcourse Javascript needs to be enabled in the Browser for the renderer to work.


sarthak said...


dhawk said...

Perfect! Other solutions made conversions to MathML, which is just ugly. Thanks for the great info.

HieuDC said...

Thank you so much for your tip. However, your code has a typo (I could not post the whole code as it is not allow to have tag inside comment), therefore the equation could not come out as expected.

The code in is correct. Could you correct it for the other?

Anonymous said...

Thank you HieuDC for pointing out the typo. I apologize for the mistake, I have corrected it now.

ardyan said...

Thanks, dude! Do you know of any other websites that do this kind of stuff, you know, in case shuts down?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have another solution to write latex on Blogger. It is based on mathtex.
It can write latex symbol by just putting latex code inside two dollar signs.
Check out my article here:

Dreas said...

I have recently developed a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add LaTeX to your website easily, given an equation.

It’s called jsLaTeX and you can download it from here:

The plugin also allows you to change the default engine it uses to render the equation.

Swagat said...

Thank you for the tip. This worked for me.

Anonymous said...

It's not getting rendered (at least not in chrome 6.0.472.62 and firefox 4.0. Is the script still there at