Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why blog?

A few days ago I was caught up in a discussion on this topic with one of my friends. Personally I was ( and still am ) somewhat against the idea of writing blogs. Naturally when I have set out writing my first blog, I've got to justify atleast myself why I am doing so.
I had been maintaining a tiny personal website on Googlepages. Coming to know about Google's decision to phase out their Googlepages service and replacing it with Google Sites, I started looking out for some other reliable but free host. I didn't find Google Sites very appealing. It doesn't allow hosting of custom HTML pages. Being a student shelling out bucks for paid hosting would have hurt my pocket a lot. Unfortunately most free webhosts will litter the page with crappy and tasteless ads. Yahoo! Geocities' free hosting was a good compromise.
Temporarily I moved my site to but was not very happy (somewhat happy to speak the truth) with it either as it didn't allow me to use my own domain.

It was at this time when the idea of using Blogger as a replacement for a personal website occurred to me. It was not too bad an idea, atleast experimenting with it won't hurt much. With this thought in mind I gave myself a big - GO AHEAD !

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