Saturday, February 7, 2009

IISERK Haringhata Campus

Making a post after quite a long time. In the meantime a lot of things have changed here. This is my first post after moving to the Haringhata Campus. From the hustle and bustle of Kolkata we were suddenly "teleported" to the calm and serene atmosphere of Haringhata, quite a bit jump it was.
The location didn't quite disappoint me, though many "mall hoppers" and a few "privileged ones" (their homes are in Kolkata) who earlier could slip into the comfort of their homes every weekend easily were unhappy, it has become a bit more difficult for them to do so now. However one thing that I really miss is the 2Mbits connection. There is no broadband connection yet in the hostel, and currently we are trying hard to manage using a 17KBytes Wireless Dialup connection over CDMA. There is little chance of getting any high speed connection in this remote location. The administrative building does have a decent leased line, but it is at a few minutes of walking distance from the hostel making it difficult to land up there late at night.
Apart from this annoyance, life is quite peaceful here. Being located far from the city, the night sky remains glare-free, which provoked a few of my friends to plan to buy a telescope for star-gazing. I am too looking forward for this.

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sarthak said...

oh cool..we too are planning for a telescope...besides IYA-2009 makes it easier...