Sunday, January 1, 2012

BSNL Self Care Portal on Chrome/Firefox in Linux

BSNL has recently (not sure how recent, since I returned to India after quite a few months) made some changes to their accounting system and the old intranet site ( for checking unbilled usage no longer seems to be working. It has been replaced with an ultra crappy, barely functional, CRM portal from Siebel and it manages to suck better than the most powerful vacuum cleaner ever made. To make matters worse, it is labelled as "Internet Exploder only", so any other standards compliant browser, which doesn't cause the internet to explode doesn't seem to work. Having nothing better to do, I delved a bit deeper to find out why non-IE browsers fail to render this piece of shit. A little bit of Googling made me stumble upon this - link. Apparently the login window seems to be some kind of popup with some applet inside. Whichever brain-dead retard designed it, something seems to be horrendously wrong with the way the login window captures the mouse focus. Clicking on the username and password field doesn't work! Some users have reported success (see the posts on the above mentioned link) after resizing the window to a very small size and then clicking on the username field. This works most of the time, but the rest of the site after logging in, remains still unusable with a mouse. Fortunately "TABbing" seems to work and makes it possible to navigate around the site.
(BTW this - is the portal I am referring to.)


Anonymous said...

Seems to work with Chrome on Mac.

Anonymous said...


surya prakash said...

went through the thread.Can you please explain what is the final solution?They still didnt solve that crap

Sambit said...

Just resize the window to something like 2" x 2".
It should let you type in your username and password now. After that, resize it back to it's normal size.
Now you can press "TAB" and "Shift"+"TAB" to navigate around and select links by hitting "Enter". Very tiring, but atleast usable!